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Immotef is a Polish-Belgian tech company that grew out of the mobile app world and the construction sector. We build Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) solutions and advanced tools for industry and manufacturers.

Disrupting 3D & BIM since 2018

We discovered the marginal usage of BIM and 3D and found solutions to use it at its fullest in orter to:

reduce waste | save time | be accurate | digitise

BIM started to revolutionise the technical side of construction industry.

IMMOTEF made a practical tool out of it.

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AR Check

Augmented Reality Check is an innovative application for concrete manufacturers. AR technology makes it possible to control concrete reinforcement quickly and accurately. The product facilitates communication between the different users, in case problems arise. AR Rebar speeds up all processes.

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AR Mapper

Augmented Reality Mapper is an AR application that improves the overview of the construction site. With AR Mapper by Immotef, it is possible to follow and control all deliveries precisely. AR Mapper makes the building process much more efficient. 



VR Designer

VR Designer is a great tool for all kinds of products. With it, you can load your 3D model onto the system and start your creative journey. With a large library of textures, colours and objects you can design whatever comes to your imagination, and share it with others. VR Designer can export virtual reality and renders.


Immo Touch

On Immo Touch you can present your final product, and highlight its greatest features and advantages. View your model from all angles, and zoom in where you want. You can add multiple markers that link to presentations. Immo Touch is a great tool to show off your design to the public.



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